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Noah talked about being a dinosaur for weeks, so come Halloween, that’s exactly what he was!  But it wasn’t just a dinosaur, every time he said it, Noah would open his eyes super wide, drop the tone of his voice to be a bit intimidating and drag out the word to DI-NO-SAUR! 🙂  hahaha….so dramatic! Read the rest of this entry


My Baby Penguin’s First Halloween!

This blog is also an entry in the Blurb Halloween Photo Contests via The Parent Bloggers Network and Blurb.com. We are hoping my Little Penguin will get us 1st place and get some $ towards an AWESOME Blurb Book. We are going to make a Blogbook of A LONG STORY’S first year!

Here are our photo entries!

Cutest Costume (age 2 and under)

Funniest Costume

Best Photo

and now for the Halloween Story!

Sooooo, we started our Halloween bright and early with the arrival of Jasper Pants around 7 am! Luckily the boys were able to fall back to sleep and let me get another hour of MUCH NEEDED sleep! Noah and Jasper alternated nap time and awake time through out the day and neither had any colossal meltdowns. With
both boys in such a good mood, we had a little photo shoot in
“First Halloween” outfits courtesy of Lisa!

How CUTE are these two babies!?

Jasper was all done by the
time we got the hats on!

When Jason got home from work, we packed up both the boys
(and ALL of their stuff!) and headed over to Santa Cruz to hand out candy at Grandpa Long’s cabinet shop (The Long Cabinet Shop…sorry no web site…HINT HINT). We met up with Uncle Nathan, Cousin Sierra, Grammy and Grandpa! Lisa picked up Jasper Pants about 30 minutes after we got there and just before it started to rain!

The drizzel only lasted for a little bit and we were off for the first round of trick-or-treating! Yes, I said first round…Sierra, Nathan, Grammy, Noah and I hit up a few of the Felton shops before dinner and when Jesse, Rachel & Ileanna finally showed up we went out for round two. Sadly, many of the shops had closed already and the only ones left all had CREEPY costumes on, and the rain came back with a fury!

In true Noah fashion, he passed out, and by 8:30 Jason and Noah were both ready to call it quits. So we packed up all our stuff again and headed back home!

Jason, Krystal & “Sleepy Head”

We had a great Halloween, and look forward to the next one when Noah will be walking and talking!

Trick-Or-Treating in the rain!

Creepy guy at New Leaf Market

“Grandpa” Jesse telling Noah about “when he was a young lad!”

“Grandpa” Jesse and “Grandma” Rachel

The little bugs crackin’ Walnuts!

Happy Halloween!

*Happy Halloween*

We carved our pumpkins the other night, but I only got this far!
We won’t be leaving this one on the porch though!

Lets all think thoughts of “no rain,” cute costumes,
delicious treats, super tricks and

Here are the first pics of my adorable little penguin!

he wasn’t too sure about the whole thing at first…
but he warmed up to the idea of life as a penguin!