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Noah talked about being a dinosaur for weeks, so come Halloween, that’s exactly what he was! ¬†But it wasn’t just a dinosaur, every time he said it, Noah would open his eyes super wide, drop the tone of his voice to be a bit intimidating and drag out the word to DI-NO-SAUR! ūüôā ¬†hahaha….so dramatic! Read the rest of this entry


Trains, Pumpkins, Corn, Goats & Gorillas?!


In the middle of October, we joined Chesna, Damien, Soren and Sesilee and made a beautiful trip up the coast to the Arata Pumpkin Farm near Half Moon Bay. ¬†Though it wasn’t a sunny day, the temperature was a-ok for me and my belly and for chasing 2 small boys through a busy pumpkin patch! ¬†The boys started in the play area and Soren was making friends left and right! ¬†Noah just wanted to see the train though so while me and my diabetes had our scheduled lunch, he explored with Daddy.

While they were exploring though, Noah found a few things that he found “not so interesting” and actually quite terrifying…the terror transfered to pretty much everything in the farm. ¬†He didn’t want to ride the train, go on the slide, pick up a pumpkin, take a picture, walk, or see the animals! ¬†There were a ton of¬†sculptures¬†around the farm, mostly¬†mid-evil¬†and fantasy kind of stuff (half man half horse, bulls, a GIANT gorilla), then there were¬†knights¬†that were in full armor and engaged in battles…all of it was a bit too scary for Noah. ¬†Poor little guy. ¬†Eventually we made our way into a simple pumpkin patch and a corn field without too many people (or statues) and Noah loosened up a little bit. ¬†He ran circles with Soren, climbed on pumpkins and actually shared some smiles….then we found the Gorilla and spent another 20 minutes distracting him again. ¬†We took a tractor ride, watched Soren play with the goats, and let the boys pick out some mini pumpkins and corn!

Despite the sheer terror that we managed to inflict upon Noah, I think once he got over it, he really did have fun and the day was a success.  He passed out almost instantly in the car (always a good sign) and clung to his pumpkin and corn for at least the next few days!   (and, I just realized that N is wearing the same hat from last years pumpkin patch adventure!)