Trains, Pumpkins, Corn, Goats & Gorillas?!


In the middle of October, we joined Chesna, Damien, Soren and Sesilee and made a beautiful trip up the coast to the Arata Pumpkin Farm near Half Moon Bay.  Though it wasn’t a sunny day, the temperature was a-ok for me and my belly and for chasing 2 small boys through a busy pumpkin patch!  The boys started in the play area and Soren was making friends left and right!  Noah just wanted to see the train though so while me and my diabetes had our scheduled lunch, he explored with Daddy.

While they were exploring though, Noah found a few things that he found “not so interesting” and actually quite terrifying…the terror transfered to pretty much everything in the farm.  He didn’t want to ride the train, go on the slide, pick up a pumpkin, take a picture, walk, or see the animals!  There were a ton of sculptures around the farm, mostly mid-evil and fantasy kind of stuff (half man half horse, bulls, a GIANT gorilla), then there were knights that were in full armor and engaged in battles…all of it was a bit too scary for Noah.  Poor little guy.  Eventually we made our way into a simple pumpkin patch and a corn field without too many people (or statues) and Noah loosened up a little bit.  He ran circles with Soren, climbed on pumpkins and actually shared some smiles….then we found the Gorilla and spent another 20 minutes distracting him again.  We took a tractor ride, watched Soren play with the goats, and let the boys pick out some mini pumpkins and corn!

Despite the sheer terror that we managed to inflict upon Noah, I think once he got over it, he really did have fun and the day was a success.  He passed out almost instantly in the car (always a good sign) and clung to his pumpkin and corn for at least the next few days!   (and, I just realized that N is wearing the same hat from last years pumpkin patch adventure!)


Missed Moments


I take so so so so so many pictures and it’s a shame that I don’t share more of them…let alone have them printed 🙂  here are some randoms from august – september (including a day at the park with soren and a beach day with daddy!)

Minnesota Family Reunion!


The day after Sesilee was born (just 4 short hours after I got home), we boarded a plane and head out to the Midwest to celebrate my Grandparents 50th Anniversary.  It was a long day and a super late arrival, but we made it all in one piece and still wearing smiles!  The visit was amazing!  It was so much fun to see all of our family together and watch all the kids play.  This was the first time Noah and Jason met many of the Campion Crew…and they fit right in!

Anyway, the whole trip was jam packed with fun.  We started with a day in the water park at the hotel…there was a huge train that sprayed water and made tons of noise every 15 minutes….Noah was terrified!   Then there was the main event and big party.  It was perfect (except my Mom, Chris, and Rose got stuck in the airports and missed a good chunk of it)!  The food was great, the speaches were tear jerking (literally, even the bar tender was crying), the kids all had fun and celebrating the love and legacy of Granny and Grandpa was special.

We made a trip to the Mall of America.   All 30 something of us rode the light rail and invaded the mall.  Noah was in heaven!  The whole park was Nickelodeon and Dora, Diego and Boots were around every corner.  He got his very own wrist band and took to the rides for the entire day!  The next day we walked around the city a little bit (bad idea in 100+ temperatures and humidity) but found a neat little knitting store, had a yummy lunch and got in a good nap!  The evening ended with a professional photo session with the whole family and then a Birthday Party for Clea!

We spent the last day visiting Del, Ann and their kiddos before jumping in the pool and having a BBQ at Granny and Grandpa’s.  Our flights home were again easy and uneventful and we gladly welcomed the California climate 🙂

Thanks to Granny and Grandpa for a truly memorable vacation!  We had so much fun and loved visiting with everyone!