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37 Weeks!!!!


I sat down tonight to write about and reflect on this pregnancy as we near the end and was shocked to see that it has been 7 weeks since I last wrote!!!  OYE!  There were 3 different entries in the “draft” sections with only a few sentences; “32 weeks,” “35 weeks” and the start of a post about my new business venture.
I then looked through my calendar and realized that my fatigue and exhaustion is not just pregnancy induced, but because Noah, this belly and I have been go-go-going strong for the last few months!! Read the rest of this entry


Sleep Noah Sleep…


i wish he was this happy about his bed

It’s no secret, Noah has never been a sleeper.  From day 1, he was an every 2 hours nurser and that trend has held strong for the last 2 years.  Though he will do 4 hour stretches, and occasionally even longer, Noah likes to cuddle, he doesn’t know how to fall asleep on his own and like all 2 year old boys, he is testing his limits (and pushing me to the brink of insanity some days)!!  And I am guilty of loving to snuggle and rock with my little man too.

sleeping "just pretend"

Before I got super sick, Noah was sleeping in his bed, in his room, at least half the night, if not 3/4 of the night.  Eventually, Jason and I were too tired to deal with it, and just brought him to our bed.  What we had going worked for us, and we all got some decent sleep.  Then, when I got sick in the beginning of the pregnancy though, I was desperate for sleep and Noah and I napped together everyday, (2 hours instead of 30-60 min.) and co-slept every night.  Basically undoing all the work we had previously done….sigh…..but again, for that moment it is what worked for us.

Anyway, with the new baby on the way, the thought of all 4 of us in my bed, awake every 2 hours,  we decided it was time to get Noah into his own bed and into his own room, all night long.  Not to mention the kid has become quite active in his sleep!  Midnight kicks to the face and sleeping on the edge of a king
size bed was getting pretty old!  So, I devised a plan!

We put Noah’s toddler bed in our room, next to the bed, we made a big deal out of it!  I went to the $ store and filled a “prize bin” full of crap, made a kick ass sticker chart and a timer!  We talked to Noah about being a “big boy” in his “big boy bed!”  and about the new routine of, “holding hands” for 5 minutes until the timer went off.  The first night was so sad.  We talked about sleeping in his own bed, and he cried and cried just at the thought of it all.  An hour later, in the bath, he remembered and looked at me so genuinely sad and said, “no sleep in noah’s big bed?!”  It really reinforced my desire to do this before the new baby comes so Noah doesn’t see the baby as replacing him.  He was so so so sad and my heart hurt!

With a little fight and a lot of tears, the first night was rough, all night long.  The second night was easier and the third night was even easier.  I think we even got a 7 hour stretch.  First thing in the morning, he would say, “Noah gets a present!”  We would get up, cover his sticker chart and then he would dig through the “present box.”  He was so proud of himslef and I was soooo happy that it was going smooth.

here he is on day 3 with his "prize" and sticker chart!

After 4 days, the sticker chart lost its glory…he didn’t care.  After 5 days, the presents lost their thunder, and were an after thought when he was bored.  Overall though, he was going to bed without issue (though humming 2 songs got added to the 5 minute hand holding), and sleeping long stretches and going back to sleep quite easily!  Then, he caught a cold.

“They” (who ever “they” are) say that an illness or big change can throw off any rhythm you have going with a kiddo (potty training, sleep training, whatever).  Well, THEY are super fricking right.

not sure what possesed me to buy him a flute...that was fun!

Noah and his happy week of sleeping are now a daily nightmare and all night battle all over again.  😦   I have literally ended up in tears at least 4 times (which, sadly, usually results in Noah stopping his antics and quietly climbing back into bed on his own), and spend a good part of most nights duking it out with my son who has an iron will.  We have resorted to time outs (which no longer work in this situation), screaming and yelling (again, pointless), and “ignoring” him, which is literally impossible to really do, he is super loud, but he gets no attention from Jason or I for periods of time, which is the only tactic that even kinda works!

after 5 days of sleeping in his own bed, he got a big big surprise!

So here we are, at a stand off with an insanely cute and insanely strong willed 2 year old…desperate times call for desperate measures…this coming weekend, his bed is going back to his room.  The sticker chart will again make an appearance, and the gate will be installed at his bedroom door.  I have been against the, “cry it out method” for a bajillion years, but sadly, nothing else has worked and we are at the end of the road.  Though our version of “cry it out,” I’m sure will be tamer than the actual method, I foresee a lot of tears from both Noah and me for a few days and Jason will end up the human tissue!  (thanks babe!)

Crossing my fingers and toes, and staying receptive to all the positive thoughts all of you readers are sending our way!  Wish us luck and I will keep you posted!

he loves his lego farm…

can't you tell?!















Learning to Let Go…Again!


Well, where do I begin?!  The last month has not only been super busy, but there has been a constant ebb and flow of excitement and challenges.  On the pregnancy front, this baby has big plans of his own, and apparently, I have absolutely no say in the matter.  On the Noah front, he too is one determined little Mr.  and is giving me gray hairs on a daily basis.  In the middle of the kiddo chaos, and lack of sleep, I decided to launch a long time dream of   mine and have been dumping tons of time into the adventure (more on that later!).  Luckily, as we walk through this  tornado, Jason and I have manged to hold tight to each other and only grow stronger as a family!  We have also made sure to include time to be with friends and family to celebrate, relax or support each other!

So, pregnancy…sigh…I am currently 30 weeks along and working my ass off with this kid.  Not only is he more active than I thought possible, but if there is something he can do to make me stress/worry or have to see 200 more providers, he has done it.  Last time I checked in, the main concern was that of my placenta being over my scar….well, good news is that after an ultrasound at 28 weeks, we determined that it is in fact NOT OVER MY SCAR!  In the same breath, at that appointment, other than looking at the placenta, all I could see on that monitor was this little boys booty sitting comfortably on my cervix.  It was the same exact position that Noah was in at 29 weeks and never moved from.  That frank breech position was the reason for my c-section and seeing the same image again brought on a whole tidal wave of memories and fear!  Despite the fact that I had about 12 weeks for him to turn, Noah never did and so the fears were high, and I chose not to end my relationship with Dr. Klikoff just yet.

Knowing there are tons of ways to encourage this little one to turn vertex (I did them last pregnancy too), I started pulling out all my resources, making appointments, and hanging out upside down.   While Jason quickly knew that his comfort lay with keeping the OB and plannig a hospital birth, I continued to battle with the decision of homebirth and hospital.  My heart was still birthing in my own home but my head was seeing a breech baby and c-section from a unknown doctor if I walked away from Dr. Klikoff.  While the fear and the indecisiveness plagued my psyche, I managed to quickly gain tons of support and encouragement regarding spinning this baby around.  After an awesome Hypnotherapy appointment, with Sharon Storton, I was able to acknowledge that this little baby is in fact, not Noah and this pregnancy, is totally different from the last!  It was quite relieving!  I was able to visualize my birth, connect with the baby and get out of my head for once.  A few days later, I made the choice to follow through with my plans for a homebirth and let go of my OB!!!!  The next day, this little baby grabed hold of yet another huge wrench, and lobbed it directly at me!

At the 28 week appointment, I was told that for the 2nd time, I had elevated levels of glucose in my urine and was scolded for not yet completing my 1 hour glucose test.  So, in the middle of therapy, acupuncture, moxa treatments and inversions, I fasted, made my way to the lab and swallowed that horrible bottle of glucola.  Just like last time, I failed it…and failed it by only 1 point.  I was frusterated and refused to do the 3 hour test, which pissed off the nurse at my OB office to no end.  Though my post about the 3 hour test last pregnancy makes it sound insignificant, my memory of it is horrid and besides I really don’t think those tests are that great.  Anyway, I asked for an alternative to the 3 hour test, which got relayed to my OB that I “didn’t think I had a problem and was refusing to do anymore testing!”  Grrrrrrrrr!  Long story short, I was able to skip the 3 hour test and instead eat my regular diet and test my own blood sugar after meals for a weekend.  I failed, almost all of them, and last Monday I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  Super Awesome!

So, once again (3rd time to be exact) our home birth plan is jeopardized.  If I can’t manage my diabetes with diet and exercise alone, then I will have to go on medication (insulin shots), and if I have to go on insulin, then I can’t deliver at home…sigh!  Luckily, my numbers aren’t extremely high, and I am just as stubborn as my 2 year old son is (teee-heeee)!!  I have faith that I can get a grip on my blood sugar without meds!  I just have a short timeline to do it!  Good-bye skittles, good-bye ice cream, good-bye delicious carbs that I never thought I could live without…Hello healthy mommy, hello healthy baby, and hello homebirth!!!

Phew!  Lastly, on the kid updates, my adorable, “terrible” two year old.  Ok, Ok, he is not terrible, he is adorable but he is 2 testing every boundary know to human kind.  Or maybe he is just testing all MY boundaries.  Which ever it is, I am the one dealing with it and I am one tired Momma!  He is insanely cute, and blows me away with his cuteness in between his moments of pure insanity.  I have decided that it is a survival mechanism they are built with, seriously, they have to be cute or they we would all kill um!!  ;p  Anyway, our biggest battle (and longest standing battle) is that Noah still doesn’t sleep.

Despite all our efforts at sleep training, he is waaaaay too frickin’ smart and gives us hell all night long!  Seriously, 2+ hours of screaming in the middle of the night…and when we ignore him, he takes turns standing on either side of the bed yelling for me and then switching to Jason after about 10 minutes.  He can turn off the tears in an instant, turn on his sweet little voice and then ask, “hold hands, just 2 more minutes?”  or “mommy?!  Just one more song please?!” and when those fail, his sweet voice morphs back into a angry screech, “MOMMMMMMYYYYYYY KRYSTAAAAAAAAAAAL!”  His most

Mr. I'm Not Tired (who falls asleep eating!)

recent ingenious ploy to get me out of bed and give him attention though was down right ridiculous.  After about an hour of antics, and a good 10 minutes of both Jason and I ignoring him, Noah stops crying, stands up in his bed and says all too calmly, “Mommy, Noah has poop!”  At first I dont respond and he repeats himself in the same tone…SUCKER, aka Mommy, gets up to check his pants and finds ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN HIS DIAPER!!!!!  I’m telling you, the kid is too smart and Jason and I are in serious trouble with this guy 🙂

Wish us luck and think thoughts of a sleeping toddler…in his own bed….and send them our way!

And thoughts of a head down baby….and thoughts of low blood sugars while you are at it!