37 Weeks!!!!


I sat down tonight to write about and reflect on this pregnancy as we near the end and was shocked to see that it has been 7 weeks since I last wrote!!!  OYE!  There were 3 different entries in the “draft” sections with only a few sentences; “32 weeks,” “35 weeks” and the start of a post about my new business venture.
I then looked through my calendar and realized that my fatigue and exhaustion is not just pregnancy induced, but because Noah, this belly and I have been go-go-going strong for the last few months!!  I suppose keeping busy though has kept me from staring at the pregnancy clock and helped things go by quickly!

So, pregnancy!  My little ninja baby is, well, just that, a frickin ninja!  Constantly practicing his mad skills against my hips, ribs, lungs, belly button, cervix, bladder and showing his little appendages through the skin on my belly.  I don’t care how many pregnancies you have, or how many bellies you see, watching a heel or elbow roll across your belly is soooooooooooo strange… amazing, but strange!  Anyway, despite this little baby’s insistance on keeping me up all night and squashing my bladder 24 hours a day, he and my body have finally decided to cut me some slack.

Things have been relatively smooth the last few weeks though.  It’s about time!!!  Placenta – moved!  Head – down!  Diabetes – under control, no insulin!  ( Though I did just have an unexplained and competely random bought with a plugged milk duct…go figure, not even nursing yet and already warding off mastitis! haha)   Long story short, I am no longer running around town to a million different appointments and jumping through every hoop I can find.  No more, OB/GYN, Acupuncture, Midwife, Nutritional Counselor, Therapist, and 2-3 moxa sessions a day.

I see Sunshine once a week, in my living room while Penny and Noah raid the toys and make us laugh.  Noah loves to help measure my tummy, check my blood pressure and listen to the baby with a fetoscope all from the comfort of my own sofa 🙂  I love that he is so much a part of this process.  I have an amazing team of women planning on attending my birth and helping Jason and I bring this baby into the world in the peace, serenity and comfort of our own home.  I am full of gratitude for the amazing birth community in our area and eternally grateful for all the women who have held my hand, heart and soul through out this journey.  I am a very lucky momma and don’t take a single moment for granted!

This entire pregnancy has been full of surprises, hiccups, challenges and triumphs that have forced me to grow in more ways than I thought possible.  This journey has been full of emotional and spiritual growth.  I have been pushed to redefine who I am, what I am capable of, and what I believe in.  I have been forced to acknowledge that my perspective is not always one that serves me, and with time, patience and an open heart, a small shift in that perspective can open up a whole world of brighter opportunities.  This little baby, has had big plans for me from the very beginning, and I have a feeling these plans dont end with the birth 🙂  I am constantly trying to remember to remain receptive, and remain content in the humble place of powerlessness.    A lesson easier talked about than practiced, but between Noah and “Baby Bo-Bo,” I get the opportunity to practice every day!

Though I may still have 3 weeks (or a bit more) before the work of birth begins, no one thinks I will make it to the December 20th EDD.  While I am anxious to meet him, the reality of a newborn in our home 7 days from now is a bit much for me to swallow and would be a-ok with another few weeks to wrap my head around it all!  So, to all my readers, keep those thoughts of a safe and peaceful birth coming…but attach a little extension notice to the time frame 🙂

Lastly, the questions that have been asked a million times…

~ No, we don’t have a name picked out yet!  We have our top 3 or 4 but we cant cant seem to choose, and assume that we are just supposed to wait until we meet him.

~ We plan to birth at home…our house….the place where we live!  In the living room, office, hallway, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen…all of them or one of them.  Wherever we are comfortable!

~ We took the Birthing Again classes….loved them, and would suggest the Birthing From Within Series to Everyone!

~ Other than fatigue, occasional heartburn and broken sleep….I FEEL GREAT and really cant complain too much!

~ We will have a birth tub and yes a water birth is a possibility.  I am trying not to get attached to any particular “place.”  This baby will be born exactly where he is supposed to be born! 🙂

~ I have an amazing Midwife, Sunshine Tomlin and she has an amazing assistant, Rowen Holland.

~ I also have an amazing Doula, Patricia Madden and my fantastic husband to support me in labor.

~ For now, the plan is for Noah not to be at the labor and delivery.  He will be with my wonderful Mother and Step-Dad!  But, come labor day, if it seems appropriate and Noah isn’t looking too freaked out, then I am not opposed to having him at the birth.

Those are the main questions I can remember right now, but my prego brain has been known to frequently omit or even delete information….if you have any more questions, just ask and I will be happy to answer them!  With that, this nija and I are going to go crawl into bed and try to share the same body until the next bathroom visit!

In the mean time, enjoy some pics from the last few weeks 🙂


About Mommy Krystal

I am a very lucky mama and get to stay home with my adorable 2 year old son. He keeps me on my toes (and awake all night long), makes me laugh out loud and scream quietly under my breath. My husband is amazing and the best daddy I could ever imagine. We started our journey together 7 years ago, but in the last 3 years have gotten married, had a baby, bought a house, and are expecting our second little monkey in late December. We have made a ton of changes and though it is not always easy, it has been the most rewarding life change I have made. We tend to be a but impulsive, but don't have a single regret! I am grateful for the life that I have (despite all the bitching I manage to do!). I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Wow Krystal,
    You never cease to Amaze me! Your one strong cookie, I can’t wait to hear about your birth story when that little one arrives. If you need any babysitting let me know I’m avail and willing. Keep your mind busy because nothing is worse than feeling like everyday is FOREVER. Love you and your sweet family

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