Noah talked about being a dinosaur for weeks, so come Halloween, that’s exactly what he was!  But it wasn’t just a dinosaur, every time he said it, Noah would open his eyes super wide, drop the tone of his voice to be a bit intimidating and drag out the word to DI-NO-SAUR! 🙂  hahaha….so dramatic!  Though Jason and I were on the late train for our costumes, we managed to follow through with our family matching outfits at least partly.   We painted my ginormous belly with liquid latex to make it into a baby dinosaur egg 🙂  We even found a wreath that fit around my waist to act as a nest!  It was a fun costume and even more fun to watch people figure it out and then realize that it was in fact my real pregnant belly!

Noah also talked about having a Halloween Party for weeks, so we decided to host the annual gathering at our house.  We met up in down town Boulder Creek with The Tracy Fam, The Snow Fam, The Long Fam & The Oster/Cady Fam to take the boys trick-or-treating at the local businesses.  BIG SURPRISE, it was all a bit crowded and overwhelming and any one with a mask or face paint sent poor Noah into a crying, trembling state of the utmost fear possible.

Noah had been practicing for a few days, holding out his bucket, saying “trick-or-treat” and replying, “thank you!”  He got to say it twice, before we had to swoop him up and walk off the sidewalk and into the street to get away from all the scary monsters.  He was crying so hard, burying his little dino face into our chests and saying, “all done! just go bye-bye!”  It was so sad to see him so scared and totally missing out on the trick-or-treating that he was so excited about.

Luckily, about half way down the other side of the street, the crowd was thinner and both Jason and I had our radars on for “masked monsters.”  We were able to keep him from seeing anything scary and he got to join in on the fun.  It was so cute and he was so happy to have all these people dropping candy into his Thomas bucket!  When we ended at the fire station with the big big trucks, both Noah and Soren were happy campers!

After the downtown fun, we all headed back to our house for pizza and chit-chat, matched with no naps, sugar highs and meltdowns.  It was a total success and super fun to spend some time with all our friends!  Thanks for coming everyone! (if you have anymore pictures to add…send um my way, I managed to miss some of our crew and lots of the night!)


About Mommy Krystal

I am a very lucky mama and get to stay home with my adorable 2 year old son. He keeps me on my toes (and awake all night long), makes me laugh out loud and scream quietly under my breath. My husband is amazing and the best daddy I could ever imagine. We started our journey together 7 years ago, but in the last 3 years have gotten married, had a baby, bought a house, and are expecting our second little monkey in late December. We have made a ton of changes and though it is not always easy, it has been the most rewarding life change I have made. We tend to be a but impulsive, but don't have a single regret! I am grateful for the life that I have (despite all the bitching I manage to do!). I wouldn't have it any other way!

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